Young people disabled by polio

alimamy koroma wheelchair

We have provided 52 young people affected by polio with wheelchairs or bicycles or mobility carts or a combination of these. The photo shows Alimamy Koroma with his new wheelchair.

We work with the Mayor and Social Welfare Department in Bonthe and have equipped 15 children and young people with mobility equipment. We have made a commitment that by 2022 we will visit every village on Shabro Island and assess the mobility needs of every disabled young person under 25 years of age. Mobility carts and wheelchairs had been delivered by volunteers Chernor Barrie and Sulaiman Bah ('Capay') to children and adults in remote villages on Shabro island and the Turtle Islands.

We have responded to requests from the chiefs in Shenge and Foredugu to visit disabled students in remote villages and in every case have provided either a mobility cart (formerly known as a PET) or a wheelchair. This work will continue in 2019 thanks to volunteers Chernor Barrie, Alimu Sita and Capay Sulaiman. They will assess new requests and also check that mobility equipment given to young people in previous years is in good repair. Where necessary we will provide spare parts and arrange repairs.