Sierra Leone Education and Development Trust

Thank you for donating to support our work.

If you transfer money to our Triodos bank account please let me know so that I can thank you and send you our annual report.

You can no longer donate to us online because Virgin Money Giving has closed down. Instead, please transfer your donation from your bank to the charity's bank account at Triodos Bank. You can also set up a monthly standing order. Here are the details you will need.

We are a registered charity number 1158253.

Here are the details of our bank account:

Triodos Bank
Sort code: 16-58-10
Account number: 20534000
Account holder: Sierra Leone Education and Development Trust

Your bank may say that they cannot check the authenticity of Triodos Bank. Just ignore this. Your donation will come though and we will confirm receipt.

If you are a tax payer we will claim Gift Aid on your donation. Gift Aid adds 25% to your donation because this money is refunded to us by HMRC ('the tax man'). A monthly donation of £20 therefore becomes £25 with Gift Aid.

Please send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telling me that you have donated. Tell me your name and full address including postcode so that I can claim Gift Aid.

If you prefer, send your cheque to Kevin Curley CBE, Sierra Leone Education and Development Trust, 6 Cumberhills Road, Duffield, Belper DE56 4HA

Thank you for enabling children and young people in Sierra Leone to access education and get the mobility equipment they need.