Jacqueline Finn joins the charity's trustee board


I have worked in the not-for-profit sector for all my career spanning housing associations, Refugee Council, CVS both local and regional and carers organisations. In all my roles, I have developed an understanding of trusteeship and governance. I have strong values of social justice and fairness and believe everyone has a right to opportunities in life no matter their background or culture. I spent three years volunteering in Pakistan where I learnt a great deal about different communities and returned to the UK with a new perspective of life and priorities. I have visited a number of African countries to see friends who were involved with development work and became a supporter of SLEDT about three years ago.

I live in Margate in Kent and am Deputy CEO for TuVida, a UK wide charity providing social care services for people with disabilities, the elderly and unpaid family carers and provide support to Cuidadores, a small carers charity in Porto, Portugal.