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Sierra Leone Education and Development Trust (SLEDT) supports secondary school education for the brightest primary school leavers from poor homes in Mahera, Shenge and Foredugu villages.  School head teachers select the children and we pay thir educational costs for their 6 years in secondary school, subject to good performamce in the national BECE exams at the end of year 3.  We hope to be able to support them through higher education in the future if they achieve good results in the WASSCE exams at the end of year 6.  In this way we enable some of the most able youngsters in Sierra Leone to fulfil their potential so that they can become community leaders and role models.

The photograph shows Fatmata (fourth left) with her grandmother and local teachers.  Fatmata was the first student we sponsored to go to secondary school.  Her primary school Head Teacher, Haja Kamara, said:  'Fatmata was the most able child in my school.  5 months after she left the school I found her sitting in the village. She told me she could not go to secondary school because her grandmother could not afford to pay the fee.  Fatmata has no parents.  Your charity has transformed her life'.

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