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Wheelchair for Daniel
Daniel cannot walk and has severe learning difficulties. He is a real charmer with a huge smile. He is a strong boy and very heavy for his mum who carries him everywhere on her back. That ended today when volunteers Sulaiman and Hassan delivered a wheelchair.
Hassan excels in Engineering
We’ve supported Hassan since he was 12. He’s an orphan from the coastal village of Mahera. His dad was killed in the civil war - an innocent civilian and his mum took her own life. Now this fine young man is in his final year at Technical College studying Engineering (Alternative Energy). Here he is with Chernor, our volunteer leader, receiving the text books he needs.
Nabbi no longer has to crawl to school
Good news for little Nabbi in Shenge, a coastal village in Sierra Leone. Last week he was crawling as he’s done since birth. Now he has his tricycle which he will soon learn to ride. And soon he will go to school. Please help us to do more by donating.
Alie Turay wins an award as he completes school studies and qualifies for university, thanks to support from SLEDT and his own hard work.
Mariama came top of her class in primary school but poverty stopped her going to secondary school. We are supporting her with textbooks, a solar light for evening study and everything she needs to succeed.
Sulaiman is one of our team of eight wonderful young volunteers. Here he is heading by bicycle to remote villages on Shabro island, searching for children who cannot walk.
Adekalie - Before and After
Adekalie had polio when he was three and has been crawling throughout his childhood. He isn't strong enough yet for a 'mobility cart' so we have given him a wheelchair.
Alpha - Before and After
Alpha lost his leg in a motorbike accident when he was 16. He was depressed when we found him in a fishing village. Now he has a new leg, a positive attitude and has started a small trading business.
Alfa - Before and After
Alfa gets his 'mobility cart' and no longer has to crawl.
Fatmata - Before and After
Fatmata had polio when she was very young. We found her crawling, Now she can go to school every day and enjoy independence and dignity.
Henry is blind and comes from a poor single parent family in Moyamba. We are paying for him to go to a special boarding school where he is learning braille.
Foday our volunteer (on the right) gives textbooks to Moses, one of the disabled students we enable to go to secondary school.
Wulematu comes from a single parent family in Lunsar. She is doing very well at school. We pay her education costs including this full set of textbooks.

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Objectives for 2022:

  • We will pay all the educational costs for 40 high achievers in primary schools from poor homes who would otherwise be unable to go to secondary school.
  • We will provide mobility equipment for 25 disabled children and young people so that they can get to school and around their villages without crawling or being carried.
  • We will support care and training costs at Mustard Seed children’s home in Moyamba so that 10 severely disabled children get the support they need.
  • We will pay for one blind child to get the benefit of residential education including learning to read braille.
  • We will support 38 final year students at Kroo primary school. This school serves the most deprived neighbourhood in Freetown.
  • We will support 4 of our successful secondary school ‘graduates’ so that they can go on to university or vocational training college.
  • We will do all this with your donations of about £25,000.

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