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Welcome to Sierra Leone Education and Development Trust


Our work in 2020

In April 2020 our usual work was put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic. Our volunteers are contacting every child and family we support. Where needed we are sending money for soap for hand washing for three months. We are also paying for bed nets to reduce the risk of malarial mosquito bites. If nutritional status is low we are sending sacks of rice and beans to last for three months (until the end of June initially). In these extraordinary times we will also pay for medicines if family members get sick.

Most of our students are keen to carry on learning even though schools are shut. We have already provided them with good quality textbooks. We are now ensuring they have money to buy notebooks and pens.


Here are our headline objectives for 2020:

  • We will pay all the educational costs for 24 high achievers in primary schools from poor homes so that they can benefit from secondary education.
  • We will provide mobility equipment for 25 children and young people so that they can get to school and around their neighbourhoods without crawling or being carried.
  • We will support care and training costs at Mustard Seed children’s home in Moyamba so that 9 severely disabled children get the support they need.
  • We will pay for one blind child to get the benefit of residential education including learning to read braille.
  • We will respond flexibly and quickly to one-off requests for help. Already in 2020 we have paid for operations on severely damaged feet for two young people. We also had no choice in another case but to pay for the amputation of a girl’s foot. We will provide her with an artificial foot and rehabilitation.
  • We will do all this with your donations of about £12,000.